Thursday, May 10, 2018

New Review! By the Fates, Destined ( By the Fates #1.5) by Patricia D. Eddy 5 Cranky Stars

Destined (By the Fates, #1.5)Destined by Patricia D. Eddy

5 Cranky Stars

Ami’s greatest fear of forever being alone might be coming true, until fate intervenes. The woman she meets has secrets of her own. Ami must decide whether to stay or run from her.

This was a paranormal romance done right. There was a slow controlled burn between Ami and Seònaid. The author created the perfect storyline between them as Ami learns a horrifying secret about her beloved. The hurt that she felt was almost tangible. I swear my heart was breaking along with her.

Patricia D. Eddy knows how to pull the reader in. At least with me I was sucked into the story. I really love how the author connects the characters from the first book into the second book. The storyline is amazing even with all the subplots going on. The character growth and dynamic is spot on. And the romance scenes were tastefully done.

I will definitely recommend this story to others. Read the series in order as not to get confused.

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