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New Review! The Lone Wolf (An Accalia Series Novella #3) by H.L. Girton 5 Cranky Stars

The Lone Wolf: An Accalia Series Novella, Noah (An Accalia Series Novella #3)The Lone Wolf: An Accalia Series Novella, Noah by H.L. Girton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars


Noah is on the run just trying to stay one step ahead. After his betrayal to the pack in what he thought was a noble move to save his family ended in him being banished. He has no time for any entanglements or complications like the one the girl in the alley presents to him. When he finds himself drawn to her and wanting to protect her it’s not without a fight though.

Gabrielle has lived a quiet life with her plants and her brother. Gard has sworn to protect her from the people they call family. When a trip goes wrong and creepy things hunt them down she finds herself alone. It’s in this cold dark alley she meets Noah who becomes a protector albeit begrudgingly. They discover things about each other and realize two is better than one.

I have always been intrigued by Noah. He’s such a dark horse and outcast and I love that. He’s not easy that’s for sure. You get some insight to his thoughts that we haven’t seen before. I like Gabrielle I think she has a certain spark. These two together was a spark that could burn down a whole city if they let it or at least entangle it in vines.

My only issue with this story is that it’s not long enough but that’s a novella for you. It’s just enough to hook you and go I can’t wait for more.

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