Tuesday, March 2, 2021

New Review! Forbidden Heir (The Heirs #8 ) by Michelle Heard 5 Cranky Stars


Forbidden Heir (The Heirs #8)Forbidden Heir by Michelle Heard

5 Cranky Stars

Why woman? Why did you make the final book in this series rip my heart out? I was barely holding on there towards the end. My heart was a mess for Danny and Ryker and seriously my pillow was soggy. It’s a fitting end of an amazing series that was a spinoff of another series. I don’t think anyone writes these types of series like Michelle Heard. Kudos girl you did it.

Danny and Ryker have always loved each other but from afar. Danny too afraid of the age difference and the fact that he is her brothers’ best friend and Ryker because he didn’t think his love was reciprocated. They work together at Indie Ink. Danny is a hardcore workaholic and never takes time for herself. She has dedicated 100% to the company and works alongside Ryker. She tries so hard to remain professional but finds it getting harder by the day. When they embark on a company trip to South Africa Ryker wonders if this is his chance. He can’t imagine going another day going without her and makes his move. Together they realize that maybe just maybe they can make it but then the unexpected and equally devastating happens. Can Ryker and Danny make it through this with their relationship so new?

I’m not lying when I said I had tears. My heart broke for Danny. Watching the old crew come together to stand by Danny and Ryker made my heart do a happy dance. They truly are a family. It’s hard to say goodbye but this is well and truly the end. We now have another series to look forward to and I can’t wait.

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