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New Review! Guarding Shadows (Save Me #5) by Aly Stiles and Hazel James 5 Cranky Stars


Guarding Shadows (Save Me, #5)Guarding Shadows by Aly Stiles
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

“I’d rather sit with you in your darkness than be alone in the light.” I mean seriously?? Swoon. Who doesn’t want someone who is willing to sit in the dark with you when things are bad? Who doesn’t want someone who will love you despite the shadows? I know many who would. We all crave that interaction that connection to someone who chooses to love you every day without regrets. This is the story of Quinn, a rising star and Tanner, a medically retired army sergeant who is trying to make it on the outside.

Tanner lives in the shadows. All he’s ever really known is the Army and he had no plans of retiring so young. I guess being injured and enduring a catastrophic loss will do that to you. During one of his final tours, he meets Quinn. She is an upcoming rock star and human sunshine. She brings some light to Tanner's dire existence. Quinn can’t forget the handsome Army Sergeant that showed her around base and a small town. She has stored those memories away for when she’s on the road. When Tanner finds himself back stateside and struggling a friend throws him a ticket to see Detour Wylder which is Quinn’s new band. It’s here they reconnect, and Quinn offers him an opportunity of a lifetime and a lifeline he desperately needed and in return he gives Quinn the bravery and drive to take her band to the next level.

Seriously!! My heart!! It broke a few times for Tanner. I don’t have any experience with how the armed forces treat their veterans but it’s sad how they do according to Guarding Shadows. You see Aly Stiles and Hazel James have a story in the beginning on how this story was written and it’s nothing short of amazing. They weaved past bands and past worlds and real life experiences into this book. I loved Tanner and Quinn reminded me of my daughter with her optimism and sunshine personality. I also don’t wish a happy ever after for Donovan and Muffin you can suck it. I even liked the band and all their quirky members. Once again another winner in my book.

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