Thursday, April 22, 2021

New Review! Merciless Saints (St. Monarch's Academy #1) by Michelle Heard 5 Cranky Stars


Merciless Saints (St. Monarch's Academy #1)Merciless Saints by Michelle Heard
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

I love John Wick and I guess by default I now love Damien Vetrov. I also don’t love having my heart ripped out multiple times in one book but here I am. How much loss can one woman endure? Seriously my heart hurts for Winter Hemsley.

Winter Hemsley is the Blood Princess. Her family deals in blood diamonds from Africa. She attends St. Monarch’s not to learn her family business but instead she wants to learn combat. She has a blood feud to settle, and she wants it to be her bullet. She isn’t expecting to meet Damien Vetrov. Winter has heard scary stories of the Vetrovs but she hopes to become better than him. Damien has his life planned out. He will work beside Carson in the family business he surely didn’t want to bother with Winter. He doesn’t do attachments but something about this girl calls to him. When tragedy befalls St. Monarch with Winter at the center of it he knows his job is now to protect the beautiful Blood Princess. Winter accepts her fate and having Damien around she finds she just might not be so fallible.

I’m bringing up John Wick again because this book was like young John is like and if he trained at an academy and St. Monarch is the Continental. This book was action packed for sure. Firefights and fighting for lives. It also has heart at its core. Two unlikely foes coming together. Also grab a fan because these two can burn up the pages. I can’t wait for future books!!

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