Tuesday, April 27, 2021

New Review! Reinventing Devin by K.A. Graham 4.5 Cranky Stars


Reinventing DevinReinventing Devin by K.A. Graham

4.5 Cranky Stars

You might remember Devin and Jackson from Micah and Quinn’s story. The messy friend who acted like her life was just peachy when she was around her friends and the guy who once tutored her and stole her heart. It’s in these pages we find out who Devin truly is and why she came to be such a hot mess.

Devin has been bullied her whole life and her parents are about as useless as they come. You can imagine this has caused the perfect storm in her life. She is spiraling then she meets Jackson and things start looking up. Then in true Devin’s life is a crap storm fashion that relationship faulters. Now her nights are booze and nameless guys and her core friends that keep her sane ish until Jackson reenters her life. He gives her purpose and lets her know he will never give up on her. He believes in her and hopes he has enough conviction to make her see that she is a good person.

While yes, this novella was a journey it also had that naughty K.A. Graham spark. Devin communicates best with her body it seems. Jackson is a good guy despite his upbringing but rose from those ashes. At times I felt connected to Devin. I seen my young 20s self in her actions. Just one thing to another with no real thought behind them. That’s a sign of a good story in my book. If you can make connections to characters you know those characters, come from a place of experience. Another solid story from this author.

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