Tuesday, June 29, 2021

New Review! Have You Seen Me? by Alexandrea Weis 5 Cranky Stars


Have You Seen Me?Have You Seen Me? by Alexandrea Weis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

Are you in the mood for a who done it merged with a teenage slasher flick with a touch of romance? Then this is for you. I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who was the murderer was the whole time. When I thought I surely had it figured out I was wrong. This is my second book by this author, and she bases her books in the state of Louisiana. It’s my home state and I loved seeing it in this light. The beauty of it but the nitty gritty of the small towns.

Aubrey LaRoux is back at Waverly Prep but this time as a history teacher. Her time as a student here wasn’t the greatest so why would she go back? She’s hoping things have changed but sadly they haven’t. Sara Probst is still at the helm and ruling like a dictator. She only cares about the school’s reputation not the students. Several students have gone missing a few from the nineties and one currently and Aubrey is drawn into helping them by her first period students. Harley, London, Cal, Jenna and Bella make up her ragtag group of students determined to find out this mystery. They all have one thing in common with the current missing girl a secret they chose to keep. It’s now a race against time to figure out who is committing these acts and save themselves from certain death as well.

This book is action packed. There isn’t really a lull in the action and no real chance to catch your breath. I really felt for these students. I mean they just wanted to help a friend who brought a unique group together. Wouldn’t you want to help solve your friend’s disappearance if you could? That ending though!! PLOT TWIST. I want to say I seen it coming but I would be wrong. Also, Sheriff Mason. Hello honey! Good book and I’m glad I got a chance to read it!!

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