Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Destiny Revealed, MD Saperstein, 5 Cranky Stars

Another great book in this series!

Vance wakes up to discover that his dreams were just that, only dreams. He has to deal with the fact that the one he wants, Melina, isn't his to have. He carries on with his life and on his first day back, he gets a call that changes him forever.

Melina is a beautiful supermodel. She has a boyfriend, Damien, who is a total bad boy, in every sense of the word. He threatens her and tries to physically harm her, this is when Vance and Mike walk onto the scene. Now, Vance and Melina are thrown into one another's worlds again. Can they survive what all is about to happen?  Will all the chaos make them stay in each other's arms, for good?

I loved this book and found myself flipping the pages, dying to know what was going to happen. It is full of friendship, love, compassion, thrilling action, mystery, and such a mean evil cunning man, Damien.

My favorite thing about this conclusion was how the author brought all the characters together and gave every one of them, their HEA. This story is sweet, hot, and sad at times and so worth a read!

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