Tuesday, February 25, 2020

New Review! Restless Slumber (Fortuna Sworn #2) by K.J. Sutton 4.5 Cranky Stars

Restless Slumber (Fortuna Sworn, #2)Restless Slumber by K.J. Sutton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Cranky Stars

Long live Queen Fortuna Sworn! Restless Slumber takes us to what happens not long after book one. In this book we are along for the ride as Fortuna struggles with her newfound title and trying to repair the relationship with her brother. She is also faced with her true feelings for Collith and her fading relationship with the boy that lives in her dreams. It’s not all heartache though because in true Fortuna Sworn fashion, she makes some enemies in the form of werewolves.

Fortuna returns home with her right hand Lyari, a werewolf she rescued from an abusive Fae, and her brother. The brother she took home though isn’t the one that disappeared many years ago. She is struggling to repair the relationship with him, and it isn’t going well. Her and Collith have also been dancing around each other as well. Fortuna isn’t willing to put her heart on the line only to have it broken and have him leave. Then when her curious nature gets the best of her she seeks out the werewolf’s family. What she stumbles upon isn’t good and this is how she makes yet another enemy. All this mounting pressure surely is bound to make Fortuna snap. Her only escape is Oliver and he is a boy who lives in her dreams and even that is slowly fading. Fortuna is faced with many trials in Restless Slumber and you have to read it to find out.

Like the first book this one is in depth and long. It’s an active reader but it is so good. Restless Slumber has something for everyone from romance to paranormal. I really only found on discrepancy and that was one moment Fortuna says her keys are in the truck then suddenly the keys are on the floor. That made me go back a few times to make sure I read that right. Beyond that the book is solid storytelling. You must admire Fortuna but then you want to slap her because come on think before you speak. There were parts that made my heart drop and parts that made me smile. The imagination of this author makes me want to be her friend! If you are looking for a new paranormal series this is the one for you.

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New Review! I've Got This (Joy Universe #1) by Louisa Masters 4 Cranky Stars

I've Got This (Joy Universe, #1)I've Got This by Louisa Masters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

I can only give this story 4 stars. It is a well written love story that takes place at the second largest amusement park in the country. The concept is a good one, but the characters are just mediocre. This writer in my opinion based these characters on stereotypes and not actual people. I don’t care if it’s a story involving gays, lesbians or heterosexuals but don’t be so blatant. I don’t think the LGBT community is this outlandish and it’s rude to portray them this way. For instance, our main character is the Assistant Director of this section of the park. He is good looking, well dressed and well liked. However, he constantly tells people how good he is and how hard he works to make people like him. When someone acts like they don’t care for him he gets all defensive. I don’t believe this is realistic.

The story starts out with a crisis and Derek rushes to the scene. It messes up his whole schedule at the park. Seems his assistant does all the work, he just looks nice, and tells Dimi what he wants and Dimi jumps. At least, he acknowledges that he needs to promote Dimi. A second crisis occurs, and they now have no actors for the shows for the next couple of days. They scramble to bring in actors from the other parks and the show in Joyville Village.

Along comes Trav from the Joyville Village show. As soon as Derek sees him, he wants him. However, Trav has had a bad history with the good looking, well-dressed jock types in high school and wants nothing to do with Derek. Problem- stereotyping, maybe, Trav is a dancer so he is automatically gay and someone for Derek to hit on. Not necessarily! When he snaps at Derek and walks away, Derek spends the next hours and days trying to figure out why he is hated by Trav. Afterall, “I work so hard at making people love me.”

Once we get back to the storyline, it’s a good story. It’s too bad I couldn’t enjoy it fully.

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New Review! Follow My Lead (Joy Universe #2) by Louisa Masters 4 Cranky Stars

Follow My Lead (Joy Universe #2)Follow My Lead by Louisa Masters
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I can only give this book 4 stars. This is a second book in the Joy Universe series, but it is about Dimi Weston. Again, with the same stereotypes that are found in the first book. I can’t believe that people really act like this. Maybe I’m just out of touch. At least in this story, there doesn’t seem to be the overinflated ego’s.

Dimi gets promoted to Director/Producer of the brand-new theater company at Joy Universe. He was originally, an administrative assistant to one of the Assistant Directors. They have brought in a Broadway producer who needed to get away from NYC quickly. Jason Philips is thirty years older than Dimi and needs to learn how to take orders from a younger man. They are partners technically, but Dimi has the final say on all decisions.

I found it refreshing that Dimi is a family man. He goes to dinner at his mother’s house every Monday night. He has eight siblings and numerous in-laws so if everyone is in town, it’s a huge affair. We now learn that Dimi has a secret and his family has no qualms. What they aren’t sure of is the relationship that might develop with his new partner at work. After all, thirty years is a huge age gap. Well written and enjoyable storyline into the trials and tribulations of a new job and new love.

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New Review! The Diseased Ones (The Hollis Timewire Series #1) by Danielle Harrington

The Diseased Ones (The Hollis Timewire Series, #1)The Diseased Ones by Danielle Harrington
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

On the day of Hollis Timewire's 16th birthday, she discovers that she is a Diseased One. "I am a Diseased One, and that's a death sentence." Hollis is suddenly flooded with an unbelievable power, able to stop and possibly kill anyone in her path. All of her life, she has lived as a member of the Society, without showing emotions. "The path to a perfect society is perfect obedience."

She finds herself transported against her will to an underground compound full of other Diseased Ones. This group tries to convince Hollis that the government falsified history to cover up the massacre of people with special abilities. Having lived her entire life being told that the biomarker that gives people special powers is dangerous and that the Diseased Ones are responsible for the deaths of thousands, how can she believe what they are telling her?

As Hollis gets to know the young people in the compound, she begins to feel emotions for the first time. "Keeping people neutral guarantees equality and peace. War, conflict, and strife have been eradicated because expressing yourself isn't allowed." She decides to learn to control her powers and discover as much as possible about the group while trying to deal with her new found friendships and the beginning of young love. Her mentors try to convince her that her life in the compound should be enough. "Find joy in the ability that makes you who you are, because with these people, that's what true life is about."

When she nearly kills one of the group because of her brain-altering power, she decides that she must return home to learn if there is truly a secret weapon that would remove her power and allow her to become a citizen of the world she has always known. Surely, a life without emotion and without her dangerous power must be the path she is meant to follow.

I love reading YA dystopian fiction and I am always in search of the next great story. This first book in the series ends on a definite cliffhanger, so don't expect it to be wrapped up in a pretty package. The author does a great job of world-building and character development and I could really feel the emotions that Hollis experiences as her world is torn apart. I look forward to reading the rest of this series to learn the truth of Hollis' world in the year 2647!

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Cover Reveal! Enchanted Kingdoms: A Limited Edition Twisted Fairytale Anthology by Multiple Authors

Enchanted Kingdoms: A Limited Edition Twisted Fairytale Anthology
Genres: Fairy Tales, Fantasy, New Adult
Fairytales, but not how you remember them…
The stories you loved as a child have been twisted into wildly addictive tales that will bewitch you as an adult: enchanted castles, spellbinding magic, handsome princes, beautiful princesses, and as many happily-ever-afters as your heart desires.
Cherish this mesmerizing set of 20 classic tales retold by a collection of best-selling and award-winning authors. Each novel-length story features a different take on your favorite fairytale.
Your every fantasy will come to life in ways you could never have imagined, packed full of heart-wrenching romance, gripping adventure, and magic that will weave you in its spell.
Scroll up and one-click now to grab this limited edition set before the clock strikes midnight!
All proceeds benefit Puzzle Peace United, a children’s autism charity.
Fairytales include:
Snow White and Rose Red
Beauty and the beast
Sleeping Beauty
wizard of Oz
Snow white (7 dwarves)
Red Riding Hood
Sinbad the Sailor
Robin hood
little match girl
twelve dancing princesses
The Nightingale
The Girl without hands
Nix of the Mill Pond


New Review! Breathless (Texas Nights #3) by Lex Martin 4.5 Cranky Stars

BreathlessBreathless by Lex Martin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Cranky Stars

Although the book started of the same as many younger sister has crush on her brother's best friend. After a while it was clear it wasn't taking the same route as many of these books. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Joey had moved away to Florida to try and get over the now man that she has had a crush on forever Logan. She comes back for her friend's wedding who so happens to be marrying Logan's brother it's very hard to tell much more about this book without releasing spoilers. There is a lot of secrets being held for what was thought to be the best. There are mad women, unpredictable brother and issues with trust.

You need to read it to believe it I couldn't put it down.

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New Review! Dirty Daria (Dirty Darlings #2) by Denise Wells 4 Cranky Stars

Dirty Daria (Dirty Darlings, #2)Dirty Daria by Denise Wells
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

This book was like juggling. Four different POVs and a plot to keep track of. I assumed that each book would be focused on a couple but that wasn’t the case with Dirty Daria. Here we follow Mack, Daria, Quinn and Reed who we met in the novella Dirty Ex-Mas. You need to read that one to follow along with this one. It sets up the premise of the novels it seems.

Mack and Reed are federal agents tracking Reeds now former best friend David who was accused of some pretty nasty stuff. Things that make your skin crawl but David acts like it’s something he had to do to pay a debt instead of I don’t know getting a loan or something. Thrown into the mix is Daria who is more femme fatale and not on the right side of the law and Quinn the hapless goofy best friend. Everyone is invested in seeing David brought to justice no matter which way it goes except for Quinn she just wants to be part of a group. Seriously Quinn is flighty and changes jobs like we change underwear. A multitude of things go down and Reed spirals out of control and treats Quinn like garbage and Mack and Daria explore the possibility of an us despite their jobs.

I really tried to like Quinn, but she was just too much all over squirrel thoughts for me. I had a hard time tracking her chapters. I know she meant well, and she wanted to help and belong and in her own strange way she did. I wasn’t sure if this book was meant to be funny but serious. If Quinn was there for some sort of comedic relief or I don’t know to prove to us that she is a useful character? Regardless I guess this book has something for everyone and did veer into dark romance territory at the end. If you like good guys and bad girls and dark romance tossed in with a side of humor then maybe Dirty Daria is for you.

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