Monday, August 15, 2016

New Review! Igniting the Spark by Michelle Irwin, 5 Cranky Stars

Igniting the Spark (Daughter of Fire, #4)Igniting the Spark by Michelle Irwin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** 5 Cranky Stars *****

It is said that a book is five stars if it stays with you. If you can't wait to know what happens next and if it can convey a deeper meaning to the reader. So, I say that this book and for that matter, the whole series is five stars.

In this book, Evie and Clay face a challenge that is going to test them and their soulmate love once again, but with a finality that threatens to ruin their whole family. This is a book that I would recommended you read as part of the series to give it more depth of emotions.

It is a book filed with monsters and evil and the others they hunt. The story is a cathartic experience. I was crying real tears for the characters. The strength and determination of Evie was so intense. I was touched by the pure romantic love Clay and Evie shared. Even the secondary characters have layers and the plot is so exciting that I found it hard to put down.

The author makes you need to love and hate every character as she weaves this tale. I truly didn't see the twists and turns as they unfolded. This made the plot exciting and mysterious. I truly love the books use of everything. I mean things mentioned in passing or in other books in the series became clear in this book.

I recommend this book to those who enjoy books with depth. The themes of "star crossed lovers" and "love is the most important thing" are shared with the evils of discrimination and hatred of the unknown.

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