Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Author Spotlight! Jennifer Sivec's Leaving Eva

Leaving Eva; The Eva Series, Book One
            Stacy looked at her pretty friend with the dark brown hair, beautiful skin, and big luminous brown eyes that seemed to stare right through you. Brynn was completely oblivious to just how beautiful she was, and part of Stacy was jealous, and the other part was in awe at how naïve her friend really was. She had always known that Brynn would get out of their town. She never belonged there to begin with. Stacy always knew that Brynn would leave, just as Stacy knew that she wouldn’t. Stacy’s mother, and her mother before her, never left. The kids who grew up in her town just stayed, married their high school sweethearts, had babies, and then repeated the cycle all over again. But Brynn was different from the rest of them. Never once in her mind did she accept that fate, although Stacy had a long time ago. 
            “You know that I’m not like you. I’ll never get more than a high school education! I’ll end up marrying some boy like my Daddy, if I even get married at all.” Stacy said trying not to sound angry. It wasn’t Brynn’s fault that Brynn was exceptional. When she looked at Brynn, she was surprised that they were friends. Brynn was even prettier than most of those stuck up cheerleaders, the ones who made fun of her and called her “Stacy Pastry.”
            Brynn should have been friends with one of them, but instead she was friends with Stacy Pastry. Stacy was always waiting for the day that Brynn realized that she was friends with the ugly fat girl.
            “You’re always lecturing me on my grades, but I’m not going any- where! The only reason you’re going somewhere is that you weren’t born in this shit hole like everyone else. You’ll get out because Rose isn’t you’re real Momma.”
            Stacy knew that eating all those cupcakes would make her fatter. But she already knew how fat and ugly she was, because Daddy told her all the time. He didn’t know how he could have such a fat pig for a daughter. Stacy’s other sisters were thin and pretty, and Daddy was nice to them, too nice if you asked Stacy.
            She wanted to be fat so that her Daddy would hate her. Getting a beating every now and again was much better than the other thing. The thing her sister’s got.
            She knew that Brynn would get out. She never belonged there to begin with, and Stacy dreaded that day. She knew that when Brynn left, she would be alone, completely. Stacy didn’t know how she could make it without her best and only friend.


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