Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Review! Filthy Rich by Raine Miller, 4 Cranky Stars

Filthy Rich (Blackstone Dynasty, #1)Filthy Rich by Raine Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**** 4 Cranky Stars ****

Caleb Blackstone was your typical playboy billionaire. Had the fancy penthouse, a helicopter and a huge work building in downtown Boston. He dated a string of models and socialites. No one ever really stuck.

He dated a girl named Janice who was a model and ran in the same social circles as him. She even had his mom's endorsement but Caleb never felt she was the girl for him. Who knew Janice was totally crazy and was the Muhammed Ali of punching someone with a shoe?

Brooke Casterley was a misplaced British girl with a sharp wit and a tragic past. She had suffered so much lost and felt monumental guilt yet in her mind she felt it was for the best. She was forced to move to Blackstone Island to live with her Nan after he parents demise.

Brooke worked two jobs to pay for their care. This second job is where she meets Caleb Blackstone.

This book had some sweet tender moments. You had to admire Caleb's unwavering patience. Even in the face of Brooke's past and her rare condition. Which as someone who cries easily, I get this but it was almost too much that at times. I felt her epic meltdowns at any time overshadowed Brooks personality and story. Yet, I get wanting to raise awareness.

Throw in a crazy cast of family including two sets of twin siblings, her assistant Eduardo, Caleb's hoity toity mother, and psycho Janice you have a well written story.

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