Thursday, February 16, 2017

New Review! The Mad King by Jovee Winters, 5 Cranky Stars

The Mad King (The Dark Kings Book 1)The Mad King by Jovee Winters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** 5 Cranky Stars *****

After the big BOOM Kingdom's timeline is somehow reset, many of the great Happily ever afters of Kingdom are no more. Galetta is frantic and guilt filled because it is her happily ever after that caused the big bang. Fairy Godmother Danika is almost catatonic with grief because not only have her bad boys lost their Happily ever afters, but she has also lost her own.

Her Mad Hatter, the first book of the Kingdom saga chronicles the epic story of Alice and Hatter, so it is fitting that the first story after the Bang should be that of these two legendary lovers.
After Alice is ripped from his arms by the shift, Hatter forgets her and tries to build a life with Other Alice.

He is however unhappy and feels incomplete until Galetta and Danika pay him a visit and Danika shares her memories with him and he realises that he has to find the reason for his existence even if it means giving up his life to save her. It takes all his courage, standing up to the fearsome god of the underworld, Hades himself.

An exciting and heart rending story of two of fairy tale's favourite characters and as satisfying as ever..................but wait! There's more! An Added bonus at the end of the book is a free copy of Her Mad Hatter

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