Thursday, April 19, 2018

New Review! Reborn (Rise of the Realms #1) by D. Fischer

Reborn (Rise of the Realms #1)Reborn by D. Fischer
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 Cranky Stars

This is pretty much how I was after the first few chapters of this book.

Utterly confused.

While this book manages to finish strong (somewhat, relatively speaking, to maybe a mouse?), the beginning chapters are disjointed and confusing. While I typically appreciate the style of jumping around between the points of view of different characters, the storyline of each one is so VASTLY different that I found myself actually wondering who these people are!!

Ultimately there IS a connection between all these characters that we are introduced to and expected to get invested in, but it takes a LONG time to figure out that they are even remotely connected!!

Okay, that being said, this IS a good story, with vampires, witches, fairies and angels, and of course unsuspecting humans. By the end of the book I was more or less invested in at least 3 of the characters. A couple I'm still trying to figure them out, because by the time the book came back to them I had forgotten their entire story arc.

While I won't say I am panting breathlessly waiting for Book 2, I do think the book did a good job of leaving you hanging sufficiently enough that you MIGHT want to get the second book. That being said, you might want to reread the first book again just so you can keep track of who everyone is!!!

I gave 2.5 stars because I do think there is a story here.



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