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New Review! Six Feet Under (Mad Love Duet #1) by Whitney Barbetti 5 Cranky Stars

Six Feet Under (Mad Love Duet, #1)Six Feet Under by Whitney Barbetti
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

Holy. Freaking. Puppies. In. Heaven. Six Feet Under just took me on an emotional journey worthy of a Lord of the Rings trilogy. Just call me Frodo Sad-ins (ok that sounded better in my head) but I digress this book slayed me.

Mira is a mess. She is the epitome of the word hot mess. She’s an addict to the degree of being destructive and careless with her life and those around her. She has spanned it all from cocaine to alcohol. Her mother essentially made her this way. You try being unwanted and having very skewed views of love. One night after a high gone wrong she meets Six. Try as she may to push him away they embark on an amazing and gut wrenching journey of love and self-discovery.

Six is a mysterious man. He doesn’t know why he is so drawn to Mira other than maybe she is the embodiment of someone he couldn’t save. He is a PI and takes on many cases and decides to include Mira in on a few until she messes up and his role in Miras life takes him on a different path. He knows she’s a mess and still he picks her up time and time again. Mira isn’t the only important person in his life and he finds himself living two separate lives. Will he ever really be able to merge the two?

I wish I had words. I feel like this book gave me so much information but yet I know nothing at all. Especially about Six himself. This book is long and it spans the relationship of Six and Mira over 10 years. 10 freaking years of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, self-harm, several goldfish named Henry and one fluffy newfie named Griffin.

I loved Six despite not knowing much about him. My only complaint with this book was how much of a pushover Six could be and how Mira had no freaking problems with tearing those around her down to feel good about herself. I know I know she had a mental illness and more than likely Six had a hero complex but jeez after while I just wanted things to level out it was starting to play with my emotions in real life. This book isn’t light it wont leave you with happy chirping birds sun in the sky feelings. It will leave you broken and balancing on the edge of a cliff you will want to jump from. In a good way of course. I suggest when (I won’t say IF) you read this book have a bunch of free time and some Kleenex and maybe some wine.

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