Saturday, June 9, 2018

Cover Reveal!!!! White Heart by Destiny Hawkins

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Title: White Heart
Author: Destiny Hawkins
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She was a Light Elf Warrior, and I, a Dark Elf Princess, but we weren’t so different, were we?

From two opposing kingdoms, our people have been fighting for thousands of years. First, with the will of the gods, but after the bloodshed and loss, they fought for revenge.

I was taught that the Light Elves were heartless killers, but it was hard to believe that someone with such a benevolent spirit could be as heartless as they say.

That’s probably why I ended up falling in love.

I should’ve known better though. I should’ve known the consequences of falling for her kind.

The night I thought that we were finally going to be together, I found myself alone at the bottom the ocean with more power than any elf could bare.

I had the power to destroy kings…and maybe even end a war.

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