Thursday, October 4, 2018

New Review! Jack of Spades (Vegas Underground #2) by Renee Rose 4 Cranky Stars

Jack of Spades (Vegas Underground, #2)Jack of Spades by Renee Rose
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

My kindle is smoking!! I mean seriously is this covered under my warranty? Is there someone who can fix these things? How do I say I was reading a steamy read about the daughter of a crooked FBI agent and a mob member and their sexy times ignited my tablet?

Corey loves her job of dealing cards at one of Las Vegas most renowned casino. A man stumbles onto her table one night and she has a feeling something is off with him. He’s model worthy handsome but is playing the game all off. When she finds out that is her bosses’ brother which makes him her boss as well she finds herself falling into his web. Stefano is the kind of man she should avoid but can’t stop falling for.

Stefano is a love them and leave them guy. He doesn’t do relationships but the fiery read head with an equally fiery personality pulls him in. He decides she’s perfect for more of the private card games that happen in the casino but he doesn’t expect for a criminal deal to come knocking on their door and her to be caught in the crossfire. He holds her close under the guise of protection but it becomes so much more.

This book is naughty plain and simple. Dirty but with a little romance tossed in.

It’s a light read. I read it in a few hours so maybe I really enjoyed reading the push and pull between these two. I haven’t read book one but I didn’t feel too lost seeing at this story was about its own couple. It might have been nice to know the background of Sondra and Nico but it’s not necessary. If you are looking for a sexy read this is the book for you!

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