Tuesday, October 30, 2018

New Review! The Sand Prince (The Demon Door #1) by Kim Alexander 5 Cranky Stars

The Sand Prince (The Demon Door, #1)The Sand Prince by Kim Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

This is a story of two races- the humans who live in Mistra and the demons who live in Eriis. A magical door separates the two countries/dimensions. The author has a done a wonderful job of creating two very believable worlds and races. This is a can’t put it down type of story that leaves one wanting to know more about these characters.

The door between the two worlds has been opened for centuries. However, only tradesmen go through the door. A human group called the guardsmen keep the door open. The demons have magic but the humans do not. There is very little trust and much suspicion. Then, one night, the Ambassador is called to Mistra and his aide must return with him. Unbeknownst to both sides, the aide has fallen in love with the Demon Princess and she with him. The humans unleash an unknown weapon and seal the door. Eriis is decimated and the royal court has disappeared except for the Princess. Time now moves at a different pace in the two worlds. Mistra is green and alive while Eriis has become a dust bowl unable to see the sun or moons.

In Eriis, a child is born who is quite ugly by Demon standards. He is the son of their Princess but hated for his deformities. He has no fire and no wings. He found a book in the library when he was younger and longs to go to the human world. He wants to meet the author and live the life in the book. Little does he know that 100 years have passed in Mistra and only 20 years in Eriis. When he is pulled through the Door to save his life, nothing is as he expected. Then he meets Lelet and his world is turned upside down. They travel to the Door to get answers and possibly return to his home. He was only suppose to be in Mistra a short time but months have gone by with no word. What will he find when he returns? The ending leaves one waiting for the next book.

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