Thursday, October 25, 2018

New Review! When You Became Mine by A.S. Teague 4 Cranky Stars

When You Became MineWhen You Became Mine by A.S. Teague

4 Cranky Stars

Sweet and romance all bundled into one. That is how this book is best described. It is a tale of friends becoming lovers. The slow burning romance that blossoms through the years. I found the story to be simple and sweet with a dash of humor in the mix. A good read for a lazy rainy weekend.

Piper is a bit clueless in my opinion. She doesn’t really see the things that are right in front of her face. A brother love triangle isn’t really my thing, I don’t like when females pin brothers against one another for their affection, but surprisingly this story of love isn’t as cliché as you would think. Its endearing and tender with the right amount of humor and mystery to balance out. I wish Piper would have noticed things sooner about Lawson. She was too hung up to realize.

Lawson is every girl’s dream. The guy to treat you right in all the right ways and to love you unconditionally. I love the love that he had through the whole book. It’s that kind of love you dream for and hope you have with your partner. He is that nerdy gorgeous with the perfect amount of romance to keep the fire burning.

I enjoyed this book and new for me author. It was a wonderful tender tale that will pull at the heartstrings and make you fall in love from the first page to the last. I give this book 4 fabulous Cranky Stars.

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