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New Review! Let There Be Light (Twin Hearts Duet #1) by A.M. Johnson 5 Cranky Stars

Let There Be Light (Twin Hearts Duet #1)Let There Be Light by A.M. Johnson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

Do you hear that? That is my heart releasing a happy sigh. Let There Be Light is a coming of age, finding your true self, and tackling the hatred of the world tale. Camden is an accumulation of all the words that Royal has collected over his lifetime and Royal is the greatest symphony Camden has ever played.

Royal has always had a good life. His parents Declan and Paige have raised their kids in bright colors and love. Royal along with his other half his twin sister Indigo set off to tackle college together. Royal is on a swimming scholarship. All he feels he has time for is keeping his grades up and beating his previous times. He has never truly dated anyone and figured it was a product of comparing everyone to the love between his parents. When he catches a pair of green eyes belonging to the quiet roommate of his best friend Kai he starts to feel the stirrings of something. Royal has never considered he might be gay. He hopes the boy who plays the piano so beautifully is the one he is destined to love.

Camden hasn’t had a good life. Oh, sure on the outside is the perfect family. He attends college for music. His dream is to compose and play piano. He has talent by the truck load, but his parents don’t approve of having a gay son. He hides in his room with his keyboard and just tries to go unnoticed. When Kai brings a friend over, he is drawn to him. Royal makes Camden want to be out and proud, but years of emotional abuse makes him stay hidden. He strikes up a tentative friendship that develops into more. Camden finds himself a better stronger person when he’s with Royal. He explores his true self within the safety of Royals arms. He finds a family he has always wished for in the O’Connell clan.

She has done it again. I believe A.M. Johnson could write me a grocery list and I’d be like yes, this woman is magic. I felt like I slowly fell in love with Camden just how Royal did. Immediately yet slow. This is another slow burn. There is no in your face sex scenes and I felt that was refreshing.

I loved the presence of Declan and Paige and how they just went ok we can deal with this as long as our son is happy. I love how Royal is so protective of Indie. It’s not in the typical brother sister way but as a we are soul mates kind of way because after all they are twins. I like how he didn’t struggle too hard with his sexuality. Camden my dear sweet boy you have my heart. His parents need to be pushed off a cliff, but I hold out hope for his dad. I admire Camden and his resilience yet he is broken and just needs to be loved. This book was filled with aww shucks moments, tender kisses and fierce loyalty. I highlighted so many quotes in this book and that is something I hardly do. To quote Royal “You’re kind of perfect” and so is this book.

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