Tuesday, July 30, 2019

New Review! Unlucky in Love (Hotline Hookup Collection) by Cary Hart 4.5 Cranky Stars

UnLucky in LoveUnLucky in Love by Cary Hart
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Cranky Stars

Ok I will admit the first chapter I was like lord Clover is naïve and gullible then Jeffrey and his useless self happened and Clover became my favorite person. She may be naïve and meek but man did she go off which lead us to the best 53 plus dates ever and Clover finding her one true love.

Clover Kelly has a binder of how her life is supposed to play out every step and every goal and she thinks because she’s been with Jeffrey for six years he’s her one. On paper he’s perfect in real life not so much. When the inevitable happens, Clover unleashes on him and grabs Kramer her barking cockatoo and flees to her friend Austin’s house. She finds solace in Austin and starts to mend her somewhat broken heart. When she unloads all her problems to him at the radio station where he works, she doesn’t realize she just pressed a button to broadcast and thus Unlucky in Love was born. Clover is set to go out on a speed dating round and then narrow it down to four lucky guys. They range from a guy who motorboats her to a guy who was just using her. Trust me it’s all very bad. It’s slowly over this time that Clover realizes maybe she’s been looking in all the wrong places.

Austin Montgomery is Dr Feelgood a radio host who discusses sex and relationships on the radio. He doesn’t have a memory that doesn’t include Clover Kelly. Despite his easy ways with women he hasn’t found the one. When Unlucky in Love is born thanks to his producer Owen, he is against it. He doesn’t want to watch someone he cares about throw herself out there like that, but he does and it’s the biggest trainwreck ever. Each and every time he is there to pick up the pieces and feed her ice cream and wine. He starts to realize he might just love Clover and starts to sabotage her dates. When he finally comes to the true realization, he hopes he’s not too late to go from unlucky in love to lucky in love.

I loved Austin and Clover. They are unconventional but they fit. They always say opposites attract and in this case it did. I wanted to burn Clovers binder in an epic bonfire. I couldn’t imagine adhering to something so adamantly like she did. I loved her best friends CJ and Mallory. Every girl needs friends like that. I can relate to Clover on the Google front because yep Google always has my back. We have this image as Austin as this womanizer but I like how he redeemed himself when it came to that. If you like laughs, a cockatoo named Kramer who just like his Seinfeld namesake has crazy hair and an even crazier attitude, pervy dates, sexual chemistry that’s off the charts and love sweet love I suggest you pick up this book. Cary Hart is truly finding her way in the romcom world of books.

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