Tuesday, January 28, 2020

New Review! Boss Man Bridegroom by Meghan Quinn 4.5 Cranky Stars

Boss Man BridegroomBoss Man Bridegroom by Meghan Quinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Cranky Stars

Charlee Cox is the human version of a bright rainbow and a sunny field full of kittens. I guess you can say she is a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper come to life. She’s very optimistic, sees the good in everything, loves color, and really loves organization and it’s where she met a very disgruntled man when she asked him to take her picture outside the office supply convention. They exchange a few choice words with Charlee walking away and making a fool out of herself only to meet the man again and realize he’s going to be her new boss. What happens next is Charlee knocking Rath Westin for a loop. She brightens his life and his drab office. She makes them color coordinate color pens for the week to be more productive and buys him a Ficus to have a friend in his office. You see she’s a lot to handle but she does it with ease and slowly starts to realize that she might just have feelings for her boss. Rath Westin was certain executive assistant number oh whatever because even he has lost track wouldn’t last a day. At first, he is resistant to all forms of change. He likes his life and his office the way it is being that all he’s doing is working and going home. A past relationship has left him sour and he has no time for anything else except his best friends. When Charlee starts to take over Raths life he takes notice that he is wearing a green tie on Thursday and is starting to live for Charlees smile or her wacky antics like Friday office dance party complete with confetti. What happens when Charlee and Rath recognize their feelings is something you need to read. So, stop reading this and go!!

I’m not sure if this book was part of a previous series but if it was, I didn’t feel lost. Sure, I wondered who Roarke and Bram were but it didn’t change the story as seeing this is ultimately Raths story. I think I’d be like Rath just resistant. I’m naturally untrusting of overly happy peppy people like Charlee. I mean sure I admire the heck out of them always seeing the good but still you need a little darkness sometimes to appreciate the light. Charlee kept me laughing though. I kept picturing her outfits like she was Good Janet from The Good Place. Also, when she gets nervous the words that come out of her mouth give you secondhand embarrassment such as her new nickname Charlee Bag of D@#*S. I almost choked when I read that one.

Rath was in a lot of ways a typical rich guy but under his exterior he projects is really just a guy with a heart of gold mixed with a frat boy. He resisted for a long time so major props for that. Boss Man Bride Groom (read that to the tune of the Spongebob theme and it will make more sense) is Meghan Quinns signature style of laugh out loud antics and lots of heart with some sexy times sprinkled in. I really enjoyed this story I couldn’t put it down anticipating the antics of Charlee and Rath and her meddling Grandma as well.

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