Thursday, February 6, 2020

New Review! Carter (Twilight Falls #2) by A.M. Salinger 4 Cranky Stars

Carter (Twilight Falls #2)Carter by A.M. Salinger
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Carter Wilson is an actor who lives his life in the spotlight. He treads carefully because he lives two different lives. Movie star Carter and every day Carter are vastly different in fact if the public was to find out it might just end his career. When a life changing phone calls plants him back in Twilight Falls, he starts a new normal. Gone are parties and ladies throwing themselves at him. It's now nights at home with Maisie and learning to cook for her. He wasn’t expecting a man to show up on his doorstep in a rage. He felt a spark at that moment and knew this man was going to be a game changer. Elijah is a trained pastry chef who has conquered the French pastry scene. He was burned by love once and he decided to head back home to Twilight Falls and recognize a dream he and his grandma had and that was to open a pastry shop. When a disturbance from across the street had him marching over there, he wasn’t expecting Carter. Elijah feels something with him and can’t help but love Maisie too. He knows Carters secret and guards it with his life. When the news comes to light he stands by Carter and refuses to let the press get to him. Heck not even the groveling French ex-boyfriend Nico or the manipulative Mira can pull these two apart.

Like book one in this series this book is just as steamy yet there is so much love. You must admire that Elijah loves who he is and doesn’t hide it. He is out and proud but also wants to find someone to spend his life with. Carter just stepped up even at the pinnacle of his career he became a guardian to a niece he only met through video chat. There were no epic fits or movie star moments and I liked that. The only real drama was Nico and Mira. I think the Twilight Falls series is perfect for lovers of M/M romance.

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