Tuesday, February 18, 2020

New Review! Striking Distance by LK Shaw 4 Cranky Shaw

Striking Distance (Love Undercover, #2)Striking Distance by L.K. Shaw
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Estelle was used to taking care of herself. She’s never relied on anyone to make her happy, keep her safe or provide for her. Her parents were the most useless human beings using her as a pawn in their bitter divorce even years later. The only family she had to depend on was the Rodriguez family. Her and Ines were the best of friends but with that territory came Victor. Estelle’s carefully crafted life was halted when an attempted kidnapping goes down and she finds herself in the middle of a drug war. Victor has always had a thing for Estelle. She was the queen at keeping him at a distance. When he finds her in harm's way his every instinct personal and professional kicks in. Victor is a cop and is designed to keep people safe. When he brings Estelle to the family home to keep her protected lines get crossed. Slowly the girl who vowed to never fall in love ever and the boy who just wants her to be his fall into each other’s arms despite the war waging just outside on the streets of Chicago.

You have to love Victor. He is the epitome of alpha male but it’s not overbearing. He lets Estelle be herself he moves at her pace and I liked that. No real I’m the man you do what I say! Estelle had a shell and I felt bad for her. Her parents were the absolute worst at everything. I will say I did read this book in a day. It was action packed and suspenseful. I mean when we found out who the mole was I was shocked. So if you love your books with hot cops, protective men, take no bull chicks, smooches and falling in love then this is the book for you.

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