Thursday, March 19, 2020

New Review! Beefcake (Donner Bakery #4) by Jiffy Kate 4 Cranky Stars

Beef Cake (Donner Bakery, #4)Beef Cake by Jiffy Kate
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

I’m not going to lie for about more than half of this book Frankie annoyed me. She was social distancing long before it was cool (bad pandemic joke sorry). I knew she had a deep back story but man she was tough to deal with. I wanted to smack her a few times to be honest, yet she had a good heart with how much she gave back to her patients and the women at the shelter so that redeemed her in my eyes. Once I got her story it made me like her even more. Gunner though was a genuine good guy. Yeah sure he was an MMA fighter but that was just his job. He wasn’t this rough and tumble kind of guy he was persistent and loved his family. He just wanted to make a name for himself and his brothers’ gym. I like how he saw something in Frankie and gave her space when it was needed. He never stopped pursuing her because it got too hard.

I guess you are wondering what the drama of this book is and that is Frankie is strictly against violence because she knows it had something to do with the past she represses. What does Gunner do? You guessed it. She has a hard time compartmentalizing who he truly is and his job. I hated the Iron Wraiths for taking advantage of her in her quest for answers. I just love how Jiffy Kate are big on family in their books. The sexy Viking brothers and even Frankies reclusive mother all play an important part in Beefcake. So if you love stubborn ladies with walls thicker and longer than the Great Wall and swoon worthy Vikings this is the book for you.

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