Thursday, March 26, 2020

New Review! Pop Star (Famous #1) by Eden Finley 4 Cranky Stars

Pop Star (Famous, #1)Pop Star by Eden Finley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

A pop star and Rambo falling in love? I know it sounds weird but it oddly works for Brix and Harley. Brix is a former Army soldier turned big bad security guy (not in the mall cop way either) and Harley is a singer trying to make it on his own after coming from a boy band. It’s not easy and it wasn’t expected between these two. One must hide who he is to the public and one is just trying to pay his off his debt.

Brix takes the job begrudgingly but knows this might be his chance to get out from under all the bills. When he shows up at the mansion of Harley Valentine, he wasn’t expecting to be knocked on his butt by the handsome singer. He can see why the fans love him, yet he sees the real Harley under the manufactured mask he must wear in public. Slowly Brix starts to fall and can’t deny his feelings for Harley. Harley is trying to make a name for himself. He will do whatever the label demands even if that means hiding who he truly is from the public. Wouldn’t want to lose the adoring boy band fans now would we. Harley soon finds his life in danger and is leaning on Brix heavily for protection. Yet those feelings he has aren’t one has for their bodyguard and he starts to see a future with Brix. Now if only he can make the rest of the world see it that way.

I did love these two. They had good banter. I hated how Harley was a toy to the fans and label. He had his manager and assistant but that was about where his friends stopped. He hardly kept up with the boys from the band. Brix has the guys at Mike Bravo but doesn’t have much of a social life. That creeper though! I mean hello how can you be that way? I’ve loved all of Eden Finley’s M/M romances so far and this one was a winner too!

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