Tuesday, March 17, 2020

New Review! The Trade by Meghan Quinn 4 Cranky Stars

The TradeThe Trade by Meghan Quinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Cory f-ing Potter is a legend in baseball but he was also traded to a team known for its hardcore angry fans and fights on the field. You see Cory isn’t about that life he just wants to play a game he loves and being on the Rebels he realizes this is not how this is going to go down. He doesn’t have time for relationships of the romantic kind especially during the on season. When he spots Natalie across the room at a charity event he is hooked. He thinks surely, he doesn’t have a chance with this girl. When he finds himself invited to St. Croix with his friends who are most definitely not Rebel players with the exception of Jason he thinks why not he can use some downtime. It’s here he realizes he is rooming with Natalie and things start to heat up. Natalie is newly divorced and dealing with some insecurity issues. She feels like she failed at her marriage and that is was all on her. She tells herself that she is not in the same league as Cory and tries to remain his friend. Throughout their trip they are constantly paired up and feelings develop. Can they carry this into the real world with the pressure of the upcoming season knocking on the door?

This book had some laughs I mean with Jason being in the book and now on the team with Cory you can count on his antics. I liked Cory and even their age difference didn’t bother me. I liked that he learned that baseball isn’t all there is to life. Natalie was a real girl. She wasn’t a reed thin supermodel but a real woman with real problems and a real body. She loved fiercely. Once these two came together it was like fireworks. Like someone get me a fan!! All in all a great book full of love, humor and sexy times.

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