Tuesday, February 23, 2021

New Review! Tristan (The Hawks #1) by Jennie Lynn Roberts 5 Cranky Stars


Tristan (The Hawks, #1)Tristan by Jennie Lynn Roberts
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

This is a story of evil kings, armies and love. Tristan is Captain of the Palace Guard and his best friend is Val who was promoted to Princess Alanna's personal guard. They were members of the Hawk company and proud of it. They loved working for the King and protecting him and his family. Their loyalty knew no limits. One morning the King, his daughter-in-law Princess Alanna and the Guard went to a secret spot to meet a representative from the Princess's family. They were to discuss a Treaty between the two countries that the marriage was a part. However, things went badly. First, Prince Ballanor canceled at the last moment so that is why the King went to the meeting. When they got there, they set up and started waiting. The diplomat was late so the Princess wanted to walk in the field. Val of course accompanied her, while the others guarded the king. Then they were all shot at with arrows. Poor King Geraint received a mortal wound. Many of the Guard were killed as a hasty retreat was made. Val pulled the Princess onto his horse and rode off. That was the end of life as everyone knew it. Prince Ballanor and his Assistent were ruthless rulers. They demoted the Hawks to foot soldiers and when they found Val and the Princess, Val was sentenced to death for treason. The Princess was suspected as setting up the whole assassination. As things kept deteriorating, Tristan found out that the hunt was on for Val's younger sister. The word was that she was his accomplice too. Well, the story is about Tristan and Nim. Tristan truly believes that Val is guilty but Nim knows he is innocent. Tristan and his fellow soldiers go on the search and when they find her, a new story ensues.

This is a must read love story with lots of evil pulling the two apart and then reuniting them. I can't wait for more books in this series as the characters are so diverse and honorable.

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