Tuesday, March 30, 2021

New Review! Forbidden by Adrienne Woods 4 Cranky Stars


ForbiddenForbidden by Adrienne Woods
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Werewolves, Vampires, Witches and other supernatural beings are all told as fairytales, stories. Are they really just fairytales or stories though? Is everyone always the villain or can they be the good guys?

This book is mainly about werewolves and the hunters. Hunters are born to hunt, that’s what they do. They are trained from an early age what to do and to kill or be killed.

Ru is a hunter, but she is not as good as her brother or sister, but Ru has visions like her grandmother did but she will not tell her family. Her family is a part of the Supernatural Hunting Association (SHA). They hunt werewolves and her and her family are good at it. Ru has an older sister Elizabeth (Lizzie) and Theo and then it’s just her father.

One day another group of Hunters came to Ru’s farm and asked for help to catch some werewolves. They wanted to find the Alpha so they needed help catching the other wolves without killing them to get information out of them. Ru’s family helps and goes to training and does the hunts.

One of the other hunters is named Collin. His story is he we aced by wolves while his family was killed by them. Not all true. Lizzie, Ru’s sister falls for Collin hard, Collin doesn’t feel the same and tries to let her down easy….Lizzie isn’t happy. The hunts go on, things happen, Collin saves Ru’s life and gets hurt, “almost dies”. While healing, Ru and Collin have to stay at Ru’s house while the others hunt because Collin isn’t healed and Ru can’t control her visions. Of course they fall for each other.

I have always said that things are not as they seem. Collin and his group are not who they seem. Ru’s father discovers the truth and Ru betrays her family. Did she stay with the one she loves? Did her family forgive her?

I like the book. I would recommend it to others. It gets a 4 out 5 Cranky starts from me.

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