Tuesday, March 30, 2021

New Review! Sweet Little Nothing by L.K. Farlow 4 Cranky Stars


Sweet Little NothingSweet Little Nothing by L.K. Farlow

4 Cranky Stars

This was kind of a departure from the LK Farlow I’ve read previously and I’m totally down for it. I was expecting angst and happily ever after, but I wasn’t prepared for how things began. The story of Emmy and Sterling and how something amazing can come from a less than stellar beginning.

The story of Emmalynn Price isn’t a pretty one. It’s tragic but she’s brave. Trying to start a new life at a new school only to have her past come crashing into her safe place. Sterling Abbot adheres to the Bro Code so he takes his best friends side and isn’t too kind to Emmy. Despite knowing her since they were kids, he is set on making her pay. Little do Emmy and Sterling know they decide to get close to get payback on each other, but love is funny that way. Slowly they both come to realize they are both a pawn in someone else’s sick game.

Well, this book was a rollercoaster of emotions. One minute hey there’s hope then boom crashing down. Rob is a piece of trash that gets stuck to the inside of a dumpster for eternity. Sterling I was skeptical but held onto hope. I just want to wrap Emmy in a warm blanket and feed her cookies. She’s so fragile but resilient. I’m in love with the best friends as well and I can’t wait for Stellas story.

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