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New Review! Blood at Dusk (SoulBlood #1) by Brenna Harlow 3 Cranky Stars


Blood at Dusk (SoulBlood, #1)Blood at Dusk by Brenna Harlow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3 Cranky Stars

This book took a LONG while for me to get interested in it and even when it seemed like I would start to get into it, I couldn’t. I would read a little then stop and then go back to it. I like these kinds of books and genres too.

It opens with Kora talking to her dead sister in her dreams but you don’t know until she wakes up. It almost seems like the sister is predicting her death at first. Then for Kora to wake up her sister is telling her she has to eat, she needs to find food. Kota wakes up from her dream and decides to go out and find food. At this point I’m thinking Zombies. Nope. That’s not what it is.

Aldeon is a vampire. Most of the vampires are starving and looking to kill the first thing they see. Aldeon has eaten on animals to survive. He tries to mind link to any other vampire and finds one. But he soon ditches that vampire the minute he smells and sees Kora. All he can think is “mate” and how he won’t let anyone hurt her.

Kora and Aldeon are now spending a lot of time together. He is protecting her. She is falling for him. She is his mate but to make it official they have to complete the bonding ritual.

Someone called the dark one wants Kora so bad that he will stop at nothing to get her. Kora and Aldeon left the cage after a vampire named Brone came out of hiding to warm them. They had to run from the crazy vampires and wound up finding another vampire and some humans who allowed them refuge. The crazy ones tried to get in but eventually left. Some time went by and now they are back.

What will they do? Why are they after Kora? Guess we will have to find out in the next book. I hope the next book will pick up where it left off. It took a while for this book to catch my interest. Now that it has it, we’ll, it’s the end and we have to go to the next one.

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