Tuesday, August 3, 2021

New Review! Blood After Dawn (SoulBlood #2) by Brenna Harlow 4 Cranky Stars


Blood After Dawn (SoulBlood, #2)Blood After Dawn by Brenna Harlow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Ok. So now we are moving a little better. The beginning was a little rough again, but transitions are smoother. So now the story is focusing a little more on Jezebel and Brone. Still got the blood sucking vampires after the Humans cuz the vampires are crazy and this “Dark One” won’t give up.

So Brone loves Jezebel because the minute he saw her he knew she was his mate. Jezebel is scared of Brone because he is a vampire but at the same time, just like Kora, she feels this pull towards him. Jezebel eventually warms up to Brone just like Kora did and of course they bond.

Now, here’s the twist. Jacel, the vampire that gave them refuge was a Chancellor in the vampires old world and made a deal with the Novian Gods to help save their race and that’s how they ended up on earth. Jacel tells everyone this and Aldeon and Brone get very upset with him. The vampires that are on the surface are now all dead and one girl is missing and Jacel believes it’s the Gods and that’s why he told everyone. Aldeon makes Jacel clean the bodies and leave.

Kora, Aldeon, Jezebel and Brone look for the missing girl Harper but they don’t find her. They find more food and guns. One of the girls fixes the generator so they have electricity and they all try to move on when another girl goes missing.

The last chapter has Harper waking up and “something” has her but not sure what and she tries to get away but the monster stops her tells her she is his and tells her to sleep. Now it’s time for the next book.

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