Monday, August 23, 2021

New Review! Loner (The Good Guys #6) by Jamie Schlosser 4.5 Cranky Stars


LonerLoner by Jamie Schlosser
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 Cranky Stars

I'm sad this is the final in an amazing series. I feel this one had an interesting storyline and ugh for a while there in the end I was mad. I went through the stages of grief quickly. I cursed you then I forgave you.

Ethan is Preston and Preston is Ethan. Remember that ok. He has two identities because of his job. When he is tasked with getting Rosie to safety by her mafia boss father he doesn't know the girl he watches while he does yard work at a mysterious house will be the girl he falls for. Rosie has been trapped inside for 7 years minus a stint at a psych hospital. She's been told that she's crazy and the world is crazy and inside is best. One night on a whim she decided now's her chance to escape it all but she didn't realize the man she fantasizes about will be her hero.

I want to say more. Yes they fall in love no there isn't a huge age gap yes they fall quick. Keep in mind that Rosie has no experience in the real world and this is very real to her. Ethan has built some kind of friendship with her in odd ways. They are perfect for each other. This book also gets spicy!!! I liked that mafia boss dad was deep down a good person. I hated mom. I breezed through this book quick and that hasn't happened in a while for me.

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