Tuesday, August 3, 2021

New Review! Pretty Savage by T.A. Kunz 5 Cranky Stars


Pretty SavagePretty Savage by T.A. Kunz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Cranky Stars

Lately I’ve switched up my reading genres and these who done it mysteries have been at the top of my list. Pretty Savage delivered on all fronts for me. It was a romance, a classic teenage slasher, a who done it and a mystery (is that the same as a who done it? Anyway) that kept me guessing till the end. I was certain I knew who the killer or killers were, but man did I have the rug yanked out me time and time again. Listen I know I’m well beyond the teenage target audience in fact I’m a mother to two teenage sons and a preteen girl, but I really enjoyed this book. I even went and got One Tiny Secret which I will start very soon.

Donovan is an out gay student who has recently transferred to Haddon Falls to live with his aunts. He thinks maybe this is a good place to start over. He makes friends with Lori and crushes on a guy who comes into the coffee shop where he works. Typical teenage shenanigans. The night he agrees to go to a party is when his life is flipped upside down. Things spiral and death comes knocking. Its during all this he makes friends with Drea who friends with Lori also. She had a secret and was trying to get over some bad stuff she believed happened to her. When the truth comes to light she no longer knows right from wrong. Together her and Donovan form an unlikely friendship when they try to solve the mystery of the person in the fox mask.

I really loved Donovan. He was cautious but a steadfast friend till the end. He truly wanted to see the good in people. I love that he wasn’t bullied for being gay. Drea was the ultimate best friend. She would hunt down the truth even if it cost her. Good book snatch it up and take this trip hopefully you’ll thank me. Just the book to get me out my rut and I’m glad I had a chance to read it.

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