Friday, April 22, 2016

New Review! Heckled by Valarie Savage Kinney, 5 Cranky Stars

This author has captured the seething pain of depression, a silent killer.  

Exxel  is a man who seems to have it all. Beautiful wife, a baby on the way, and a cool job he loves as a stand up comedian. Underneath there is something very different. 

He tries to battle his demons.  He self medicates himself with pills and drink.  He tried therapy and medications but the Heckler never leaves. He is a bit crap, a horrible person and doesn't deserve any praise the Scotsman screams.

How can he get through even the every days of his life? 

His wife, Helen is really great at dealing with Exxel.  As he pulls further away from Helen and his family, the more his mental illness and the Heckler. 

Will Excel get the real help he deserves or will he descend into the hell pit of depression? 

This author showed the dirty, raw side of how people deal with mentally ill people and how those living with it cope.  

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