Friday, April 22, 2016

New Review! Naughty Lovers: Love is in the Air by Tina Donahue et al, 3 Cranky Stars

This anthology is a mixture of every genre of romance. It ranges from contemporary to historical to fantasy, and is  all over the place. While a couple of the stories live up to the title, this is a far cry from the erotic and steamy the title suggests.

In the first story - "Ride of her life" - we have a hired car service picking up the heroine to go to a speed dating gig. This cute story depicts that love can find you in the most unlikely place.

Renaissance is a story that I hope the author turns into a full length book. Since it's part of this anthology it's really rushed and I found myself wanting more. The storyline is captivating and would like to see it become a series. I will be following this author.

Bastards Bonus left me wanting. Although this anthology has Naughty in the title, this story is anything but. It does have the potential to be a good book, but I found myself wondering what was actually going on. It left me with too many unanswered questions.

Cinderella Scandal was my favorite story in this anthology. I normally skip over the step brother stories but the way this one took place was awesome. I'm definitely going to follow this author.

Swing Follies is well written but hard to follow for this reader. I could tell that there must be more books or stories that came before as I felt lost at certain points. The ideas and storyline are good though.

Sappho’s Sisters is a cute historical romance that's taboo in nature. The writing is phenomenal but this reader just isn't a fan of historical romance. I did love the way the relationship was depicted as you could feel the depth of their feelings.

Blast From the Past is a cute story that I enjoyed. When a past love comes back in the picture the sparks fly as they never truly burnt out.

The WyndRaider’s Conquest was a fun story that surprised me. Not my usual genre but I loved the writing style and the female lead cracked me up. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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