Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New Review! Milijun by Clayton Graham, 5 Cranky Stars

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It is Australia in 2179. On a moonlit Nullarbor night, Laura Sinclair and son, Jason, witness aliens descend to Earth. The extraterrestrials endeavour to form a symbiotic relationship with humankind, and Jason is chosen as a genetic link in a bizarre trial involving the impregnation of human females with hybrid embryos and exploration of spiritual compatibility. Laura crosses swords with Major General Sebastian Ord from the Australian Defence Force, Eucla and Uriel, the enigmatic head of Milijun, a reclusive research facility in the outback. Following a disastrous armed attempt to capture aliens at Cocklebiddy Cave and a fierce confrontation at Eucla, Jason is abducted by an alien swarm. What follows tests the resolve of Laura to the core. Caught in a relentless web of frightening new technologies and alien mystery, spurred by the undying love of her son, she gains a strength of character she never thought possible. All she has to do is save herself, Jason and several women and unborn children from the scheming plans of man and alien alike.


Science fiction isn’t my usual genre since every time I read them I end up feeling rather common and lacking much needed brain cells, especially when the story takes you into quantum physics and the likes. 

When I picked up Milijun, I was a bit uneasy and thought I would get disoriented early on and end up getting bored with the book. Instead, I found myself pleasantly surprised by how well-written and readable Milijun was. Yes, the ever present “big-science-words” were there but everything had been explained and elaborated in such a way that even younger readers could understand it (although younger readers will probably understand it better than me!)

The story centered on Laura and her son, Jason who were on a holiday to the Australian outbacks. The world had gone through another great war and conflicts, and we are facing a new world set in the future. While driving up to their destination, mother and son chanced upon a strange sight in the sky which resembled a flock of birds yet obviously something they had never seen before.

Jason took photos and captured images that were so alien in nature they must be not of this earth. In doing so, he unwittingly became the “First Seen” on the planet by the aliens. The next events forced the two to run for their lives with hopes of finding refuge somewhere safe...only they found the town of Milijun.

What followed reminded me of The X-Files and Star Trek.

Page after page flew by and I found myself drawn more and more into the story. The world building is amazing. The story fast paced and well-defined. Although I didn’t finish the book in one sitting as I normally do when I fall in love with a story, Milijun is something that needed to be pondered. Stepping away from it helped me figure out a few crucial things only to find myself diving back into the story for more.

Secrets were revealed and the book ended without a cliffhanger. But what an ending it was! If ever aliens come for a visit, I hope to God I won’t be the First Seen or else the future of mankind will be so bleak and hopeless!

There is an epilogue which closed up loops with the characters as well as opened up new questions leading to a follow-on story. Methinks I wouldn’t mind so much picking up another sci-fi book by Clayton Graham.

With thanks to Lilac Reviews for the opportunity.

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