Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Review! Saved by Her, Michelle Horst, 5 Cranky Stars

Michelle Horst is fast becoming the queen of dark and compelling reads. Saved By Her is a beautiful story about finding yourself after severe tragedy and learning to thrive. 

Jack carries pain and sorrow. His father figure was monstrous, casting long shadows over Jack's life. Raised to be a sex-slave, Jack's freedom is secured by River. Slowly, he has to rebuild his life from the darkness, make his own decisions, and become accustomed to freedom.

River and her partner, Adam, buy sex slaves, to free them and give them their lives back.  There is no dilemma. It's cut and dried. They buy - the slaves go free. 

When River meets Jack, her commitment to her charges extends beyond freedom. 

This isn't an ordinary dark read: violence, rape, sex trade etc. There are aspects of this at the start of the story, but it develops into something much more. A tale of good versus evil and those in between.

I ran the full gamut of emotions with this story. It's rage inducing, heart warming, and heart breaking.

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