Friday, May 27, 2016

New Review! Darkest Before Dawn by Ava Vixon

Darkest Before Dawn (League Of Guardians #1)Darkest Before Dawn by Ava Vixion
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**** 4 Cranky Stars ****

Ferrian is a young woman whose life had been doomed from the day she was born.

Her birth mother had been killed in front of her when she was but a child. Her foster mother suffered the same fate, resulting to Ferrian making a vow to never love again or allow anyone to get close to her. Years passed and she managed to turn herself into a shadow, an invisible person amidst the crowd living day in and day out.

She was almost successful with this promise to herself...until she met her guardian angel face to face. Remiel had been in the background all her life, silently watching over her but never allowed to interfere. Over the years he’d witnessed her struggles and all the heartaches she’d endured. Then one day, the girl turned into a woman and the angel found himself falling.

Ok, I’ll stop there to avoid telling the whole story in this review. What I can tell you is that this story is full of action sequence with some steamy scenes thrown in here and there. If you like gorgeous angels coming to save the day complete with wings and all and damsel in distress who kicks butt before they get saved then this is a story for you.

No, Ferrian didn’t have superpowers to begin with, she just had guts with nothing to lose and had actually found herself beaten to death several times throughout the book.

No, Remi, her guardian angel isn’t useless for not protecting her from harm all the time. He’s just not allowed to interfere with her life and the path she had to take to evolve to the person she needed to be.

Now, IF ONLY Remi just told that exact words to Ferrian in the beginning rather than trying to give her the words without coming outright with them, it would have saved her loads of heartache and me yelling at the book, shouting “Just Tell Her!!!”

There were also a couple of moments where the pace lagged behind and seemed to have lost track of the plot. Only to pick up once again and engaged me into reading further.

One disturbing aspect was scattered throughout the story was a feeling that the way of telling sounded very much like a popular vampire series from another author involving big, gorgeous males who would protect their loved-ones to the death with their black daggers.

Yet, all in all it’s a good start to the series. Now, to check out the next book...

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