Tuesday, June 28, 2016

New Review! Beautiful Sin by Terri E. Laine and A.M. Hargrove, 4 Cranky Stars

A Beautiful SinA Beautiful Sin by Terri E. Laine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

She's got it bad got it bad she's hot for preacher. I went into this book not knowing much about religion or its terms so it was a challenge.

This is the story of Haven and Cannan. The first chapter of this book made me cringe and made me angry for the innocence lost and this was Cannan's chapter.

Havens life was just as bad living with an abusive uncle who never wanted her. One night she seeks out the church for help and is turned away by Cannan who is an altar boy at the time who just experienced his own tragedy.

Fast forward many years and new lives later they meet again. She holds such animosity toward him and he doesn't remember why.

He's a Catholic priest who took his rites. He is married to the church. Despite his love of God he feels he has to pay repentance for past sins.

She is an upcoming artist. She decides to leave her life in New York for a new career in Chicago. They managed to forge a friendship that turned into more.

This book was difficult for me because I don't base my life in any religion. So it was a learning process to say the least. It seems the author did her research on this subject. The story was good and at times it kind of dragged a long. It was kind of bothering how he went from a God fearing living his life by the rule priest to an ass smacking hair pulling religious Christian Gray.

Besides that a good book if you can handle religious themes and it ends on a good note.

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