Monday, July 11, 2016


Love Me 
By Kathy-Jo Reinhart


MARCUS and Taryn Winters along with their six-year-old son Chase, have a wonderful life. They are ready to expand their perfect little family, but for some reason, it's not happening as easily as they think it should. A trip to the doctor’s office delivers a crushing blow to Taryn. No one is prepared for the news she receives. With the help of their friends Marcus and Taryn try to deal the best they can with the life changing event that’s taken place. 

After a tragedy leaves Marcus and Chase forever changed, they need to find a way to piece their lives back together. Both of them are spiraling out of control. When Marcus gets called in to speak with Chase’s teacher his world is again turned upside down 

 LEXI has spent years trying to keep her past where it belongs. In the past. She moves to Oakville hoping to start over. She starts to notice problems with one of her students and calls in his father for a conference. The minute she meets Marcus an intense need to help him takes over. She will fight harder than she ever has to bring Marcus and Chase back to life.
 **Can be read as a Stand Alone**



5 Cranky Stars

Warning you will not be able to read this book without several boxes of tissues.  This is the 5th book in the Oakville series that focuses on the Winters family.  Marcus and Taryn have been the longest married couple in the group with a six year old son.  Now that the other members are having babies, Chase is wanting a younger sibling.  They decide to expand the family but it just isn’t happening.  Taryn visits the doctor and learns shocking news that turns the Winter’s lives upside down.  Kathy-Jo does a wonderful job with this heartbreaking story over these life changing events.  The support of the gang, especially Angel bringing laughter into the scenes just at the right time helps you stop the running faucet of tears.  Life is not always sunshine and roses as we see big time in this story.
Chase is struggling after the events that have taken place with his family and is acting out in school.  Lexi, his teacher, has no other option but to call home.  Lexi moved to Oakville to escape her past and start over never expecting for her life to change as much as it does when Marcus shows up for the parent teacher conference.  
This book can be read as a stand alone but you will end up with spoilers on the lives of the other members of the group.  Holly shows her protectiveness of Taryn and not ready to accept Lexi into the fold as easily as the others.  
I wasn’t able to put this book down as it is the case with all of Kathy-Jo’s books.  She loves making us cry and this one does not fail.  You will also find some great laughs as well as suspense and unexpected twist.  She does a great job in keeping the story very real with issues that people don’t like to discuss in books, but this is one of the reasons why this book is so great.  
I’m sad to see the series coming to an end but I do hope that she will revisit with this group in her spin off series.

After growing up in Saranac Lake, a small town in upstate NY, Kathy-Jo Reinhart returned to her birth place and where she spent her summers with her grandparents, St. Petersburg, Florida, after graduating High School. The sub zero climate and piles of snow definitely weren’t a loss, in her opinion, and this is where she still resides with her Husband of fifteen years and their eleven year old son, who they lovingly refer to as their miracle baby. A name righteously earned after a very difficult and scary pregnancy with 7 1/2 months on complete bed rest. 
By day, she works as an Office Manager for a construction company started by her grandfather and uncle. Like most people, she has a love hate relationship with her job, but cherishes all the years she was able to work side by side with her grandfather before he passed away.
Writing has always been something that she has loved. In school, creative writing was her favorite class. Writing a book was something she had always wanted to do, but was too afraid she didn't have what it took to make it happen. After going from working sixty hours a week to twenty, she found herself with a lot of extra time on her hands and decided it was time to take the leap. Crossing her fingers and closing her eyes, she jumped into creating the Oakville series and hasn’t looked back. 
The first five star review she received after First Love, the first book in the Oakville series, was published, left her speechless, overwhelmed with emotion, and so blown away that someone really liked what she had written. Her initial fears seemed to calm and reassured her that others love her writing just as much as she loves doing it. How it will all turn out, still remains a mystery, but she’s having a blast seeing where these characters will take her. 
When she isn’t spending time with her characters, she enjoys reading, spending time with her family, scrapbooking, and doing ancestry research.

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