Thursday, August 25, 2016

New Review! Defective by B. Austin, 3 Cranky Stars

Defective (Outcast, #1)Defective by B. Austin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*** 3 Cranky Stars ***

It is the year 2073 and humankind has learned to eradicate all disease and how to replicate failing organs. Feelings and emotions even the way people dress are dictated by the commonwealth, for the good of all and everyone lives in peace and harmony........or do they?

There are still areas or Burroughs demarcated according to the type of work done and each area has a group of young people under 20 who are rebels "broken" according to the perfection of the commonwealth. Periodically these children become "missing"!

The book tells the story of Dante whose girlfriend becomes missing and how he and his friends Dice and Doc go about searching for her and in so doing start uncovering the atrocities perpetrated by the commonwealth.

Initially I found Dante to be an unlikely hero, he is portrayed as a bit of a whinger but it becomes apparent that this is due to his "brokeness".

In my opinion the plot could have been expanded quite considerably and hopefully in the following books it will be done. there were several inconsistencies throughout the book, eg; mixing up character names as well as quite a lot of repetition when describing the goings on of the commonwealth. Recurring typos also hindered smooth reading.

Because of the potential to expand the plot I award 3 cranky stars.

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