Monday, August 15, 2016

New Review! Rescue by SF Benson, 5 Cranky Stars

Rescue: The Alliance Chronicles (Book Two)Rescue: The Alliance Chronicles by S.F. Benson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** 5 Cranky Stars *****

Warning: this is book two of a series that is continuing.

Again, this author pulls me into the world of Tru and Zared. I was so taken by the real reactions of the characters. It is refreshing to see real emotions not just damsel in distress, knight in shinning armor like some romance novels.

These characters have anxiety attacks and get nightmares from what this horrible future government does to them. I love that very character is not always what they seem. I love that they speak in their native language when they are with family or friends who understand. It makes them so real.

It is interesting to think about what the world would look like in the future and how governments would react as they try to keep their power at all cost. Love that the author makes you really feel for the characters by letting you into each of the two main characters' heads.

This author doesn't just repeat the same plot over and over. She has a talent that allows each chapter to be a different point of view and a bit more of the story, too. I really love the citations from books or speeches that introduce each chapter. They help with the mindset of the society and the factions trying to fight for control. It is unsure who the good guys are and if our heroine is backing the right people after all.

The author has some heavy stuff happen to the characters including being shot, drugged and taken advantage of that mold their new way of dealing with their new realty. Love that Truly's name is explained. I also loved that although the first book ended in a cliffhanger, the second book picked up right from where it left off with hints and direct reminiscent details to help a reader who only read this second book understand the story.

With strong well rounded characters and plot twists and shocking revelations, this reader's interest was held throughout the book. I thought about what would happen to the characters when I wasn't reading the book and tried to see who was really the good guys and who was bad. It had me guessing and wanting more. I cannot wait for the novella and the next book!!!

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