Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Author Spotlight! Jennifer Sivec's The Forgotten

The Forgotten; The Lost Children Series

Kell was a tender soul. He was all rough and tumble male who liked to beat up on his big brother, yet he possessed a sweetness that didn’t come naturally for most boys. When he was a small baby and he lay on his Mama’s chest, he would stroke her face while looking into her eyes with pure adoration. He easily melted her heart with his love and a smile that could turn pure night into day in an instant.
Jakob, the eldest and darkest of the two brothers, held Mama’s affections close. Not as forward with his bursts of adoration, his approach was far subtler than his brother’s as he would stand close to her whenever the chance would arise. Always carrying the weight of responsibility that the eldest son of the Governor held, he expressed his love for her more like a suitor, bringing her gifts and doing the smallest deed to please her. He was often rewarded with kind words and small affections that Mama knew wouldn’t embarrass him or compromise his serious nature in front of his peers.
She loved her two boys for their similarities, but mostly for their differences, amazed they both came from her. She felt a deep connection with both from the moment she knew they were growing within her womb, and every day after they were born, she looked for even more reasons to adore them. She found she loved Kell for his sweetness, and Jakob for his passionate strength. They were as unique as they were different, and she encouraged their love for each other by pushing them closer together, even as young boys.
Something inside of her whispered repeatedly and steadily that they would need each other one day.

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