Thursday, September 15, 2016

New Review! A Perfect Plan by Alyssa Drake, 4 Cranky Stars

A Perfect Plan (Wiltshire Chronicles, #1)A Perfect Plan by Alyssa Drake
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**** 4 Cranky Stars ****

If you enjoy reading this genre. This book is one to please.

Set back in England in the 1800's. Miss. Samantha Hasting is alone in the world left to live with her widowed sister-in-law and three nieces after her brother was lost at sea on a ship sailing to Paris. Her father died eleven years earlier under suspicious circumstances and her mother followed soon after.

Now her fate has been left in the hands of Lord Benjamin Westwood. Her appointed guardian and her brother's best friend.

Lord Benjamin Westwood is a pronounced bachelor and notorious rake. His mother has been trying to get him to give the family name an heir for years. But before he can even consider fulfilling his obligation to the family name he has to keep his promise to his old school mate and find a husband for Lord Edward Hasting's spinster sister. The last time he saw her she was a willful child with an unsavory mouth, who almost took his left hand off with a fencing sword.

Little did he know the beauty she would become until he was introduced to her at Lady Allendale's ball.

The two seemed to have an instant attraction that couldn't be denied until Benjamin gives Samantha her fathers pocket watch. The memento holds a secret that will lead them on a journey of lost treasure and murder that leaves you with a cliff hanger until you read the next book.

This book is a very good read and all the characters are well developed. The author keeps you well on track and holds your interest with little effort. She has beautiful flow with her writing skills.

The only thing I suggest is that she may want to check her paragraph structure because there are long spaces in between some words and sentences that makes it difficult for the reader to move smoothly read the paragraph. It may also be how my e-reader is formatted. Hard to say.

I do have to say that I did love this book and enjoyed reading it enough to look forward to the next installment.

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