Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Author Spotlight: Mason Sabre


It’s all about me, me, me….
The about me page…ha!
Who am I? Does it matter so much? I could be anyone; after all, I am a fiction writer ;)
Let me see…I am a writer. I write things, not always good or interesting things, but things nonetheless.  Feel free to contact me for obituary scribbling….the person doesn’t even have to be dead, it could just be in the planning stages.
What else?
I am English, this means…well I actually write in English, so I put lots of U’s in my words like they should be, although I don’t drink tea, vile stuff really, I like coffee, black, strong and like tar.
I was resurrected in the year 1976. Not that I was dead before, I just was…
I like rock music and thriller movies, have GSOH, WLTM…..wait…wrong about me page.
I’m crazy and I write books, just read them. That is all. *Smirk*

Mason’s author page Amazon UK http://tinyurl.com/masonuk
Mason’s author page Amazon US http://tinyurl.com/masonus

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