Wednesday, February 1, 2017

New Review! Barkley Five Oh by Logan Keys, 5 Cranky Stars

Barkley Five Oh: A Science Fiction Short StoryBarkley Five Oh: A Science Fiction Short Story by Logan Keys
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** 5 Cranky Stars *****

This is a fantastic short story, multi-layered and makes you think.

Barkley Five Oh is a robot who wants to be human. Throughout the course of his journey, he has to negotiate what it means to be human from other humans who are flawed and at times, could do with a lesson in humanity themselves.

There are the coded messages, the layers, the areas of grey that Barkley Five Oh has to manage, but don't we all? Does he make mistakes? Of course, but we all do.

This is an interesting creation type story about those who create and the myths that what we cling to about the value of humanity. Backdropped against a dystopian world, a deeper message unfolds. Flesh and bone people, human beings - the very thing Barkley Five Oh wants to be - don't really value their humanity. In fact, they may not be the true inheritors of the flame.

The ending gave me plenty to think about and I'd recommended this book for all ages.

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