Monday, June 5, 2017

New Review! Beltway Betrayers by Taylor Marsh, 2 Cranky Stars

Beltway Betrayers (The Beltway #2)Beltway Betrayers by Taylor Marsh
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

** 2 Cranky Stars **

Book Two in the Beltway Betrayers series finds Alex Gantry enjoying her new life in Washington, D.C.

She's moved on from Hollywood, recovering from trauma, and settled into a serious relationship.

When Alex discovers a women battered and bruised in a parking garage, the past and present begin to collide.

I'll be honest, I struggled with this book. The storyline is intriguing, but the head hopping in it bugged me. We go from one point of view to another in the space of a paragraph. There are also multiple points of view in the story and also, there are omniscient disclosures dropped into the narrative when they're unnecessary.

Ms. Marsh is very good at the action and pace. She drops a number of truth bombs about women in industries, but it's overshadowed by the above.

I think if that could be eradicated out of the work, the rest of the storyline could shine.

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