Thursday, June 1, 2017

New Review! Off Campus by Amy Jo Cousins, 5 Cranky Stars

Off Campus (Bend or Break, #1)Off Campus by Amy Jo Cousins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

***** 5 Cranky Stars *****

Off Campus is a story that I feel needed to be told. I sure feel like a better person for reading it. Thanks to this wonderful authors insight into the prejudices that still plague our society, this reader has a better understanding of my own son's challenges.

I always believed that as long as my heart and arms were open my boys would be fine finding their way and doing it with their head held high. I put myself in the role of Mr. Anders, Reese's dad. He is open and accepting of what makes his son happy. Never once denying his son of his acceptance. While this part was great his son still got hurt.

On the flip side you have Tom. He's been through his own version of Hell that had nothing to do with his sexuality. He has no support mentally or physically. Having been homeless and alone for so long he wasn't prepared to meet Reese.

This story held all of the angst and love you could ask for. It's the two very different journeys taken to reach the same goal. I truly believe this was a story that needed to be told.

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