Monday, August 7, 2017

Good Lies (Wild Minds #1)Good Lies by Charlotte West
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 Cranky Stars

Addison was a small child when she was sent to live with her dad. One half of the famous rock duo Wanks and Janks. He was a young guy living the rock and roll dream and probably had no business raising a child. Fast forward and Addy is a wild and out of control woman. She acts before she thinks and this has landed her in more trouble case in point in the arms of Warren Price. Sadly some problems can't be solved with just running and hiding which is her MO in life.

Warren Price is the lead singer of Wild Minds. They have so much going for them and what he didn't expect was the wild Addison to trip into his dressing room thinking she was nabbing alcohol. Warren quickly learns who her father is and suffers the consequences. He sets his eyes on Addy and invites her on their tour. It's a whirlwind affair and it leaves two hearts in ruins. Flash forward and hes back in the good graces of Billy but not so much with Addy.

Ok so was Addisons dad Billy Idol? He was a dead ringer for him it seemed. So that's all I could think about.

At times I hated Addison and her flighty ways. Warren was just all over. I did like this book I truly did. I would have liked to see some real growth between these two. All in all it was a fun read with a nice epilogue to tie up the tumultuous story of Addy and Warren.

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